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Cities producing net positive energy consumption

More than 800 Italian communities making more energy than they use Continue reading

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Living Wall

Green roofs are passe when you consider what is going on with this Tokyo Japan building “Living Wall” Continue reading

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Greyfields: A Mixed Use Dream?

Starting in the mid 1990’s, many enclosed malls began losing tenants because of low sales, causing many to completely shut down.  The main reason for this was that Americans were finding other ways to shop besides driving miles to the … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine/Solar Light Lamps

Technical innovation is driving all types of sustainable iseas, but what will really be sustainable long term? Continue reading

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Passive housing

While the focus on conserving energy seems mostly focused on renewable energy, there is another alternative that can also complement other sustainable practices.  Passive housing design incorporates building orientation, window types, building materials, etc. to capture and store as much … Continue reading

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