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Changing Definition of a Credit Tenant

 Steve McLinden stated in his 2006 Shopping Centers Today article, “Once landlords get past the roughly 35 percent of national retailers that ratings agencies dub investment grade, the pickings get slimmer and the credit decisions grow more crucial.”  If the picking … Continue reading

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Micro Retail Cluster Vibrancy

Often overlooked is the smaller retailer in new developments, however, some of the most fantastic retail and mixed-use developments are anchored by or have significant participation by the small scale retailer. Continue reading

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MidTown Miami

If big box is going to come to the urban core, this project seems to be a good start at designing a dense enough solution. Continue reading

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Mixed Use driven by Density

Logically and subconciously, mixed use is driven by density (simple supply and demand). It is imperative that developers don’t focus on recreation of London or New York mixed use, however, that doesn’t mean that lessons can’t be learned and implemented in a way to accomodate the specific areas density/demographics. Continue reading

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Village at Gulfstream – Adventura, FL

A recent Milhaus site visit to Village at Gulfstream spurred significant debate regarding project viability.  specifically, is project viability discernible in Miami on a short-term basis, the poster child of the current economic collapse.  Arguments can be made that delivering a project in Miami is a success of some magnitude in and of itself, however, the … Continue reading

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Greyfields: A Mixed Use Dream?

Starting in the mid 1990’s, many enclosed malls began losing tenants because of low sales, causing many to completely shut down.  The main reason for this was that Americans were finding other ways to shop besides driving miles to the … Continue reading

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Holographics for Real Estate?

Is there an Ap for this?  Imagine that it’s Friday afternoon and you just rented a new pad in the city.  Walking in the front door, you stare at the blank white walls wondering how to bring your place to … Continue reading

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