Emerging Trends – Indiana

Milhaus is pleased to sponsor ULI Indiana and are excited about the upcoming Emerging Trends event taking place this Thursday,  November 18th (register at http://indiana.uli.org/).  Every year this is an event that makes you reevaluate your own business plan and methodology.  It also reaffirms or disarms your thoughts on the economy and the trends our industry is taking, not only nationally, but locally.  This year we are fortunate to have Jeffrey D. Fisher, Ph.D. and Director of the Benecki Center for Real Estate Studies at Indiana University moderating an panel of high caliber executives.  Christie Kelly, CFO at Duke Realty Corporation and Steve Sterrett, CFO of Simon Property Group lead the panel, along with Senior Vice President of ULI Dean Schwanke.  It is not often that you get together top executives from two of the largest real estate owners in the world, and have both the retail and office/industrial perspective on the markets from the financial catbirds seat.  In addition, Dean Schwanke will be unveiling the Emerging Trends report compiled by ULI/Price Waterhouse Cooper and discussing what the current status of our industry is, and some of the trends that seem to be coming in the future.  This looks to be a truly exciting and informative event in addition to the always lively networking.

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