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Mixed use and crime linked?

Here some interesting research out of Ohio State University that studied the effects on crime given different levels of residential and business activity in neighborhoods.  It seems to support a link between increased density, a balance of uses, and a … Continue reading

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Living Wall

Green roofs are passe when you consider what is going on with this Tokyo Japan building “Living Wall” Continue reading

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MidTown Miami

If big box is going to come to the urban core, this project seems to be a good start at designing a dense enough solution. Continue reading

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Hotel Indigo and Residences at 151

The business traveler or casual visitor to the Hotel Indigo in Asheville probably doesn’t recognize the complex design decisions that resulted in this impressive 13-story mixed-use structure towering over the freeway on the northern edge of downtown. This site is … Continue reading

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Mixed Use driven by Density

Logically and subconciously, mixed use is driven by density (simple supply and demand). It is imperative that developers don’t focus on recreation of London or New York mixed use, however, that doesn’t mean that lessons can’t be learned and implemented in a way to accomodate the specific areas density/demographics. Continue reading

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Great Blocks – Wall Street in Asheville, NC

I have my favorite blocks in different cities – sometimes just a half-block stretch qualifies or sometimes it takes an entire block or two to create a memorable place. The perfect combination of street width, building height, retail uses, furniture, … Continue reading

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Village at Gulfstream – Adventura, FL

A recent Milhaus site visit to Village at Gulfstream spurred significant debate regarding project viability.  specifically, is project viability discernible in Miami on a short-term basis, the poster child of the current economic collapse.  Arguments can be made that delivering a project in Miami is a success of some magnitude in and of itself, however, the … Continue reading

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