Great Expectations in Raleigh

Oberlin Court in Raleigh

At first glance the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Cary-Apex (are there more?) area is a sprawling and disconnected metropolis. There are multiple centers, congested freeways, no rail transit, and many office campus settings. Tough place for mixing uses? Not at all. In the last 18 hours, I’ve seen North Hills, downtown Raleigh, South Glenwood, Oberlin Court, and Cameron Village. Four and five stories of residential, over retail with structured parking is very normal. The Downtown/Glenwood South market seems to be stabilizing, especially with the HUE going through its conversion to apartments soon. There are a few more plans that are getting dusted off. I think there is great potential here. Hope to write about a Milhaus project here in the near future.


About davidleazenby

David is a Principal and Vice President of Predevelopment of Milhaus Development, LLC; a real estate investment and development company
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