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Live, Work, Play and Help the Environment

The Urban Land Institute (“ULI”) released a report last week that shows the importance of Mixed Use and Urban Infill on the potential for long term sustainability within the US.  Confirming what Milhaus has always found a logical conclusion from … Continue reading

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Developing in transitional areas

Mixing uses vertically in a project is difficult to execute in any market.   It’s virtually impossible in a market with residential rents under $1.25/sf.  If your residential demand outweighs your commercial demand, then you may have a situation with commercial … Continue reading

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Passive housing

While the focus on conserving energy seems mostly focused on renewable energy, there is another alternative that can also complement other sustainable practices.  Passive housing design incorporates building orientation, window types, building materials, etc. to capture and store as much … Continue reading

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Obama administration working toward mixed use

You may have seen the biggest endorsement of mixed use in the history of America last month when HUD secretary, Shaun Donovan, announced the federal government’s new policy to use “location efficiency” to score grant applications. Going forward HUD will … Continue reading

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Urban farming is not an urban myth

Just rode home from Big City Farms, our fourth trip this season to our neighborhood “urban farm.”  After hearing about this concept last year, we decided to test it out.  To be real honest, we half expected that we would … Continue reading

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Think mixed use. Think legacy.

As developers, every project we build leaves a legacy, good or bad.  Since we think of transforming something somewhere nearly every waking hour, we need to stop sometimes to think about the mark we are leaving on the landscape. This … Continue reading

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Baby strollers roaming downtown Indianapolis

The Packard condominiums has 6 families with children under or at the age of 2.  So out of 62 units, 10 percent of the building is raising children in downtown Indianapolis. From  discussions with them, they intend to stay downtown.  … Continue reading

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